Inspiration for Cooking my way through 100 Cook Books

On the Great British Bake-off there were a number of mentions of the phenomenal number of cookbooks Mary-Ann owned – 700. I knew I had nowhere near that number of cookbooks but it did prompt me to count mine and it came to just under 100!

To my shame I have some books where I haven’t used a single recipe, (although some others are well used) so I decided to put them to better use and record how I get on.


1 thought on “Inspiration for Cooking my way through 100 Cook Books

  1. I can see my future (in terms of cookbooks anyway) being very similar to yours! Trying to cook and blog my way through all my cookbooks, of which I have 45, so it’s encouraging to see that I’m not the only one with a pile of cookbooks that barely, if ever, get used.

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