Not on the Label – Felicity Lawrence

Not on the label by Felicity Lawrence is definitely not a recipe book but it is such a scary read that I resolved to do as much cooking from scratch as possible rather than buying processed food.

After reading the section on bread I found myself using the breadmaker several times a week instead of buying bread and I’m only tempted to buy fresh bread from Waitrose or Rankin’s soda and wheaten breads if I’ve forgotten to put the breadmaker on.

There were recommendations for independent mills in the book and one of these was Shipton Mill who have a great website where you can order on-line so I buy almost all my flour from them now. The soft baking flour and strong bread flour I buy by the sack. Whilst I love Irish wheaten breads and brown soda bread I’m not especially keen on brown/wholemeal bread even home baked, however I make an exception for Shipton’s 3 malts and sunflower brown flour if they sold this by the sack I’d order a sackful at a time as well. They also sell proper Irish soda bread flour

I do however buy a few bags of Odlums soda bread mix whenever I’m in Ireland. You just have to add water and makes a very acceptable brown soda bread. (However I daren’t look at the list of ingredients.)


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