New Year Resolutions

I have a few none cooking resolutions as well but I thought I’d share my cooking related resolutions for this year in the hope that by writing them down I’ll be more likely to keep to them. One of last years resolutions was to keep up this blog so sometimes new years resolutions work…

(1) Continue this blog
By continuing this blog I’ll work my way through a few more of my neglected cookbooks

(2) Cook outside of my comfort zone
Much of what I cook is for family meals so at least once a month I’m going to try something much more ambitious.

(3) Master Indian Food
This is a bit of a cheat, we used to cook a lot of Indian food from scratch so it isn’t exactly new to me but I realised looking back over the last year I haven’t cooked any proper Indian food for over a year so this next year I’ll put those Madhur Jaffrey books to use.

(4) Entertain More
Last year we put a lot of effort into finishing the house so didn’t have time to do a lot of entertaining, this year I want to be more sociable so may as well combine it with improving my cooking skills.

(5) Eat out at good restaurants
We rarely eat out, in part because we started to realise that we could cook the meal we were eating better at home. However eating something new is inspirational so I plan to have the occasional good meal out.

(6) Exercise more
Not really a cooking resolution but definitely related. Cooking more and eating better food has an unfortunate side effect on my weight. I’m going to have to up my level of exercise!


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