Low-fat seafood pilaf – Waitrose Recipe Card

Seafood pilaf - Waitrose

I was wandering around Waitrose hoping for inspiration when their latest recipe card caught my eye. It combines seafood with roasted butternut squash and rice so what was not to like ? With recipes the idea is that the total is better than the sum of their parts and as I’ve being going through trying recipes I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how few failures there have been. But I’m afraid this is one of the failures. It was edible but seemed rather dry and we all left some of the butternut squash as it just didn’t feel like it worked with the other ingredients. The inclusion of the seeds was a bit ‘random’ and overall it felt like ingredients that were ‘good for us’ had been combined without any thought to the overall effect and flavour.

If anyone does want to try the recipe, it is @ http://www.waitrose.presscentre.com/Recipes/Waitrose-Love-Life-Low-fat-Seafood-Pilaf-af3.aspx


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