About Me

My name is Patricia, I live in England and am Irish Maltese background (which is evident from some of my cookbooks). My husband is English and spent many years in Hong Kong as as teenager. As a result he is very keen on Chinese food but surprisingly we only have one Chinese cookbook and it’s quite a slim volume. We have two teen boys who can put away a lot of food so regular baking is a necessity, our youngest is good in the kitchen and sometimes cooks with me. I’ve two sisters and two brothers, my twin sister Bernadette is very good at cooking especially baking and cake decorating. Mum used to do a lot of cooking when we were younger and together with my other sister has recently got more interested in cooking preserves, especially chilli relishes.

I’m also a business resilience consultant who was previously head of business continuity for a global company. I’ve always liked to have a well stocked larder but after a while I noticed each time I managed an incident such as an earthquake or a hurricane hit I added to my stock cupboard stockpile. I like the ability to be able to create a meal out of what I have in the house.

Both the Irish and the Mediterranean cultures have a tradition of the mother spending hours in the kitchen cooking for the family and feeding anyone who comes through the door. Whilst it’s hard fitting that in with a full time job and other activities I enjoy cooking (and eating) so happy to spend the time.


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