Maltese Spaghetti

Maltese spaghetti

I wanted to cook Maltese for my dad’s birthday. Choice for my dad was easy – rabbit which I will blog next. However my brother and his family were coming as well and there was no chance of them eating rabbit. A search of the internet revealed the following recipe for Maltese Spaghetti . I have no idea how authentic it is.

It’s essentially spaghetti bolognese with extra egg and cheese and without the herbs baked in the oven. And it has a little curry powder. This is plain but good. The main dish looks better than the above photo but it is just melted cheese topping. The picture is of the casserole after we’d been digging in.

I’d reduce the quantity of spaghetti to meat next time and I did add extra tomato which I felt was necessary, I also used tinned chopped tomato as I was heating the meat sauce a while before adding the spaghetti. The leftovers reheated very well in the microwave later in the week.



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